Class Giving


or Venmo @ClassGiving2018! Please use this
format for the caption: Computing ID, Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Class Giving?

A: Class Giving is an annual campaign supported by the Fourth Year Trustees to promote the importance of giving back to the University. Class Giving is unique because it allows fourth years to give directly to almost any area of the University they would like. This means that you get to choose exactly how your money will be used! What’s more, Class Giving values participation first and foremost –it’s our goal to engage 100% of the Class of 2018 in this campaign, with everyone offering up a donation, no matter the size.

Q: How is Class Giving different from tuition or endowments?

A: While tuition and state funds cover only 17% of UVa’s total operating budget, donating to Class Giving allows fourth-years to give back directly and specifically to any part of the University that they’d like –a professor’s lab or research project; programs like GreenDot and AccessUVA and Take Back the Night; a CIO that you poured your heart into during your time on Grounds; an academic department that changed the way you look at the world and think about things; or any organization that made U.Va. feel like your home.

Q: How much do people typically give?

A: Our recommended donation is $20.18. That said, Our primary goal is participation. We encourage students to participate in Class Giving by donating however much they currently can in a way that is most meaningful to them.

Q: How much difference could my contribution make?

A: Any gift, no matter how big or how small, makes an impact.

Q: How can I make a gift?

A: You can either make your gift by clicking the button on this page, or Venmo @classgiving2018! If you choose to use Venmo, please use this format for the caption: Computing ID, Organization. PLEASE use the full organization name, not an acronym! Example: "Virginia Alpline Ski and Snowboard Team" instead of "VASST"

Q: Who gets to decide where my money goes and what programs it will fund?

A: You!